moved into a van…

I am Bandit a 9 month old maine coon cat. My owner and I recently moved into a van in California. At first I did not know what to think but I got to spend a lot more time with him and he gave me loads of treats so I am cool with it so far.

If you have any burning questions or want to follow my adventures with my human pet friend follow this blog and send in some questions!!!

Anyways, my paws are tired and it is getting late. Over and out…




FAQ: what type of litter box do I use?

Ok, I often get asked what type of litter box did my owner get me for my van. Now when I was a young kitten (I am still a kitten damnit!) my owner taught me to use a toilet.

Yea, thats right, I am a super smart kraft kitty who can use the toilet. Well anyways, my owner got me one of those top entry litter boxes that are all the rage!

It keeps the van pretty clean, if only I would stop stealing his “In N Out” it would not smell so bad  (>’;'<)




van bandit in the city!

Friday night was so much fun with my owner! We stayed in San Francisco in some area called the Dogpatch. Luckily we did not encounter any dogs!


Then we met a bunch of human people near this BIG RED bridge they erroneously call the Golden Gate bridge. I think they are color blind…


Had some breakfast, my owner makes decent eggs. Next we drove across that big red bridge and went for an adventure in the woods!

I will save that adventure for my next post!

My paws are tired…



Bandit goes camping!

Ok, sorry it took me so long to post again, it is really hectic living in a van with a man!

He is all needy coz he’s all like, whats my life purpose and stuff? STFU, Can’t you just sit on the beach and enjoy the birds like me!

Get over yourself humans! Anyways…

OMG, so this weekend was so much fun. My owner took me to the woods and let me walk around and made me all this warm food by this giant burning inferno. I had something called Corona for the first time and it made me really sleepy. Some Racoons stopped by and I showed them my tail and they seemed impressed with its fluffiness and girth.

We got to hang out with these other van dwellers that are part of this SF Vanabonds meetup group…

Anyways, I am getting used to this manly harness…